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Energy Law

Specifics of Energy law

Environmental protection, zoning and urban planning are now a critical factor in a range of business activities.
Our team provides legal advice on every aspect of environmental or zoning as well as urban-planning law.
We provide legal support for the preparation of environmental impact studies pertaining to industrial, construction and quarrying activities.
We provide legal support in relation to environmental matters related to real estate development programs.

We provide legal support to both individuals and public authorities regarding the public properties development in accordance with the zoning and urban planning regulation, i.e. pursuant to zoning plans, general urban plans, town plans and protected areas.

We represent private persons as well as legal persons before the courts for the cancellation of environmental regulation as well as town plans, general urban plans, acts for the implementation of town plans, acts of adjudication and allocation of compensation, building permits, as well compensation claims deriving from expropriation for the construction of roads.