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Public Procurements

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Our environmental team provides full legal support to contracting authorities and private companies in connection with the award and implementation of all kinds of public contracts and infrastructure projects. Our expertise and know-how cover all aspects of legal practice in this field including:

  1. elaboration of public procurement regulations for contracting authorities / entities of the public sector
  2. drafting of invitations to tender, tender documents and contractual documents
  3. legal advice on the preparation of bids for participation in public tenders for the award of public procurement contracts (public works contracts, supply contracts and services contracts)
  4. legal support in the course of the tender procedure
  5. full legal support in relation to the drafting, negotiation and implementation of public procurement contracts, public concession contracts and contracts for the construction of infrastructure
  6. specialized legal support in project finance planning
  7. full legal support in dispute resolution before administrative authorities, courts and courts of arbitration, both during the tender procedure and in the course of the project implementation (objections, recourses, petitions for interim measures etc.)
  8. representation of clients before the Hellenic Court of Auditors in the context of the preventive audit of public contracts